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HI! I'M Mrs. becky!

I can't wait to meet you soon! Let me tell you a little about myself.

My husband and I have 6 children, 3 of which live with us. I have homeschooled the 2 oldest for 5 years and the youngest just started preschool. I have served at our church teaching in the children's ministry for the past 8 years. When I'm not teaching, my family and I enjoy riding bikes in our neighborhood, going camping, and baking.

For the past year I have private taught a second grader and worked to build the foundation for Entrusted Academy. 2021-2022 will be the first year teaching in my private school, and I absolutely love everything about it! My favorite part is seeing my students' eyes light up when they grasp a new concept. It's so magical! I truly feel that teaching is my calling in life, and I can't wait to teach your little one. See you soon!

you'll love our fun classes!

From preschool to 3rd grade, we have something everyone in your family can enjoy!


Our preschool classes help your child to make friends, get socialized, and be more than ready for Kindergarten. We focus on a "whole child" philosophy and help develop your child's social, emotional, cognitive, and physical skills through PLAY. 

(Little do they know they are actually learning really important Kindergarten readiness skills WHILE they play - shhh! don't tell them!) We can’t wait for your child to join our preschool class! 

  • Ages Accepted (by Sep. 1): 3 through 5 yr olds
  • ​School Year: Aug.-May (10 months)
  • ​Non-refundable Reg./Supply Fee: $75
  • Additional Fees During the Year: None
  • ​Smallest Class Sizes in Spring: Only 6 students per class!

Our class times:

Monday and Wednesday $192 per month

Tuesday and Thursday   $192 per month 

Monday through Thursday $384 per month  

9 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Our school will follow the Klein ISD

calendar for all holidays.


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each day is full of fun & learning!

15 min. – Welcome, Table Time

We are so excited for everyone to arrive! We get right to work with arts and crafts to build our on fine motor skills.

15 min. – Circle Time

We gather together at the circle rug to work on our cognitive, social, language, and gross motor skills with our sharing time, calendar, weather, job helpers and music & movement.

30 min. – Center Time 

Often known as “Free Play” or “Play Time,” our many centers include Dramatic Play, Sensory, Art, Building, Literacy, Writing, History, Science, and so much more. We work on social, emotional, and language skills such as using our words, taking turns, being patient, negotiating conflicts, etc. In addition, our teacher brings over small groups or works 1-on-1 with building cognitive skills such as colors, shapes, letters, sounds, numbers and counting. We make sure there is group learning as well as independent learning for all ages!

30 min. – Math Time

Our Math class is structured so that everyone is working independently in the room with age appropriate activities. The teachers will pull each age group individually to provide a 1-1 lesson during this time to teach a new concept. The children will be able to work with games, manipulatives and activities to reinforce the learning of the new concept.

15 min. – Snack Time

We love working on our cognitive, social, language, and fine motor skills. But during this time we will put on some funky music to work out our wiggles and free our minds. We will dance if we want to, or just sit and chat, while we enjoy eating a quick snack together. Students can bring something from home or one will be provided! No candy at this time please.

15 min. – Outdoor Play

Our playground areas include trampoline, swings, slides, balls, hula hoops, scooters, and more! You’ll think we’re just playing, but we’re actually working on our social, emotional, language, and gross motor skills as we run, jump, climb, swing, and create games.

30 min. – Language Time

Similar to our Math class, our Language class is structured so that everyone is working independently in the room with age appropriate activities. The teachers will pull each age group individually to provide a 1-1 lesson during this time to teach a new concept. The children will be able to work with games, read stories and do activities to reinforce the learning of the new concept.

15 min. – Center Time

Similar to our morning Center Time we offer our many centers to the children. We have our bible story and craft first and then the children are allowed "Free Play". At this time the teachers pull children individually that may need to have additional practice with anything that they have learned that day. During this time we revisit the games and activities that were used to reinforce the lesson and play them with the child. This allows the teacher to work on anything that needs to be corrected, re-explained, or just extra practice. We make sure the child is having just as much fun as the children "Free Playing". Our goal is to learn with fun at every age!

15 min. – Closing Circle

We head back to the circle rug to work on our cognitive skills with story time, social and language skills with discussing what we’ve learned, and emotional skills with getting ready to go home. 


Every day is an adventure! From our engaging and bright classrooms to our exciting hands-on activities, your child will develop a love for life-long learning!

We Focus On The "Whole Child!"

At Entrusted Academy, we follow a “whole child” philosophy where we partner with you to improve your child’s Social, Emotional, Cognitive, Language, and Physical skills. Your child will learn to socialize, make friends, develop social and emotional skills, and be more than ready for diving in to learning! Our students have so much fun becoming great learners!

Developmentally Appropriate!

Our curriculum is based on the NAEYC guidelines and features a balance of teacher-directed and child-initiated hands-on activities to accomplish these goals. 

Our curriculum for all core and electives will come from The Good and The Beautiful. Our bible curriculum is from Orange. Each program is truly amazing, our students love it!

We Love Questions!

We aim to help children become independent, self-confident, inquisitive and enthusiastic learners by actively exploring their environment.

In fact, one of the best ways we can teach is to ask THEM questions. "What are you creating?" "How does it work?" "Tell me about what you drew." etc.

We Partner With You!
We assess our students three times each year to discover what areas they're strong in, and what areas still need more work. 

We keep you in the loop on what we're working on, and we also let you know exactly how your child is doing during our two parent teacher conferences each year.

Process... Not Product!
We love to get messy, and the best time for that is at art time! We focus on the process, not the end product, and use a wide variety of art materials. 

Children learn SO MUCH MORE when they have the chance to explore and play without rules of what art "should" look like at the end.

Fun Themes & Centers!

Every few weeks, we dive deep into a new, exciting theme based on our upcoming science units, the weather, holidays, or whatever the children are eager to learn more about. 

We change out our centers and materials to reflect the new theme. Our classroom is always changing, and you never know what exciting things we'll add next week!


We have a place to leave reviews on Facebook and Google. These reviews are a testament to the phenomenal community we all work so hard to build at Entrusted Academy. Please drop by each location and leave your thoughts. Thank you for your support!



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When you're at Entrusted Academy, you're family! We're conveniently located in the Memorial Chase subdivision. You'll love our warm, bright in-home private school, and your child will love our 1-on-1 attention with our small class size of just 6 students!

We are strictly a private school (not a daycare) for children ages 3yr - 5yrs old. We offer MORE THAN just a school... Not only do we help your child socialize and develop a love for learning, we also become an extension of FAMILY. 

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Class Times / Tuition

Registration: $75

Mon and Wed $192 per month

Tue and Thurs $192 per month

Mon through Thurs $384 per month

All Classes: 9 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

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